Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sweet Make-up Purse

Well this weeks tutorial has a challenge with it, mastering the Zip! I have never sewn a zip in before and so out came my sewing machine manual!!! To my surprise I found that I had this (pic on the left) in my sewing basket! A zipper foot.
The way it is designed is that you clip it on so that the needle is either to the left or the right of the foot and it allows you to sew very close to the inner part of your zip on either side.
I don't think this is an essential for this tutorial however check if you have one with your machine as it does make it much easier!

So we are going to make a cute little make up purse, which of course can be turned into all sorts of things especially if you are a mum! I used some wadding in between my layers to make it a bit softer, and you can use interfacing to make it stiffer, but it is not essential. So pick out your favorite fat quarter, ( I used some shabby chic,  Red Rose Farm) or choose something your bff would love and fill it up with some make-up as a great present.

Fat Quarter or less of quilting fabric
Fat Quarter or less of lining fabric
Ruler, Rotary Blade or scissors
Medium weight interfacing or lightweight wadding (optional)

1.To start, cut out  rectangles measuring 35 x 20 cm (13.5 x 8 inches) of outer, inner & lining fabric.

2. Lay out your interfacing/wadding, then put your fabric on top face up and your zip face down on top (i.e. right sides together) making sure the top of the zip lines up with the top of your fabric. Sew (using your zipper foot) across the top

3. Take your outer fabric once again faceup and make sure the zip is still facedown on top, then place your lining fabric directly on top of this lining it up once again with the top of the zip and sew once again.

4. Next place your fabric once again face cup and fold your zip face up now too. Bring the bottom of your outer & wadding up to the other side of the zip and sew once again. Leaving the lining fabric behind.

5. Now just repeat the other side with your lining fabric, fold the lining fabric up to the top of the zip and sew along the top.

6. Your bag should look something like the first picture below at this point. So now you need to fold the lining over the wadding & outer fabric piece. If you place your hadn inside the lining and just grab the outer fabric piece and pull it through and you should get it right.

7. We are now going to sew up the sides of the bag, so at this point it is ESSENTIAL!!! that you open up your zip by pulling it towards the middle of the bag. (this is so that you can turn your bag right side out afterwards) Pin and sew up the sides of the bag going over the zip a few times to strengthen it.

8. Pinching your corners: Give your bag a bit of volume by pushing out the corners from the inside and pinch the corners of the bag so that you have a triangle making sure it is as smooth as possible. Pin and sew a  little line. You can use your sewing machine ruler lines to check that each corner is the same width by making sure the tip of the triangle is pointing at a specific measurement.

9. Now the fun part, turn your bag right way out! And you are done! Fill it up with all that make up and organize your drawers! And think how great you will feel when you see such a pretty item at the start of each day! 

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