Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So I realise it is quite bizarre to own a fabric shop (or quilt store as it is traditionally known) and not really quilt! The passion and drive behind Sew Pretty really is creativity and I believe that had I been addicted to quilting when I started, it would have resulted in a different store so I am pleased to be a L plate quilter.

However now that I have all this gorgeous fabric just staring and me in our 2nd lounge, and so many fantastic customers who keep sharing amazing images of quilts or seeing them first hand, I have slowly started getting into it and yes - it is easier than you think and it is addictive!

Every quilt tells a story, from beginning to end, it has a journey of it's own. Here is the blossom quilts story:

The Idea:
Justin's work colleague is having a baby soon, and it's a girl- the perfect excuse to delve into some of the pretty fabrics that I hardly ever get to use!  

The Design
After making a simple strip quilt, I felt it was time to try something different, and yet still modern. I was doodling through Riley Blakes website and came across this design, so decided it was a go!

The Colours
I love pink but I also know that many don't so I opted for a more purply colours and matched it with some greens. So that this quilt can last quite a while, in fact I think I would still love it as an adult.

The Sewing
I spent 1 evening doing all the cutting (that was after I washed my fabrics). The next evening was piecing it all together, I drew my own interpretation of the quilt design with my fabrics on, this was a life saver in the end instead of having to continually check back!
 I then spent 2 nights sewing the front and back panels and the final night I quilted, made the binding and pieced it all together.  A bit too much to chew in one night so ended up staying up until 3am getting it all done!

 In the end I quite liked this white design, but I think I would opt for a single fabric backing until I have some more experience as lining it all up was a nightmare compared to the simple strip quilt!

Needless to say despite numerous cursing that making this quilt was a bit too much to chew especially at 3am in the morning, the following day I was already dreaming of what colours to put into my next quilt. Addictive - muchly!

These are three of the fabrics I used, the other pieces I do have in stock so just let me know if you would like them!