Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Mmmm yes more srumminess is here!!! The Heirloom fabrics are a colleciton of rich, classsical florals paired with contemporary design motifs that create a timeless style.Vibrant colours rejuvante these nostalgic designs and make a stunning palette to use in creating your next "heirloom"

A lovely group of photo's complimants of Joel Dewberry and family!

We have 3 gorgeous sets available 2 in the Saphire range and 1 in the Ruby, we sold a lot of our stock at market, so please feel free to send me an email with any preferences for individual colours.

Laurie Dewberry & their 2 daughters

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snow Pretty Take 2!

So I have my cuppa tea, my laptop, the heater and I am blogging in the newly renovated (but work in progress) Sew Pretty Room.

It is pouring with rain outside, but I managed to find a few pictures for you and this was one of my favourites - pretty pink in amongst the white!

Work is progressing in our new Sew Pretty room -  most of the fabrics are now up on the shelves but will be coming down very soon as we prepare for the Dunkleys Craft show in Christchurch this weekend (Fri 19th - Sun 22nd) and Dunedin the following weekend.

I have just been on their Facebook page and I am drooling over all the lovely things that are going to be there! Including some awesome looking Fudge and Gourmet Food!

Don't forget to print off this coupon to save on your entry.

I will be running a limited stock version of the shop online during the show but any orders will be processed as usual within a day of cleared payment. I look forward to sharing with you many new items we will have in stock after the shows!

Stay warm and keep sewing beautiful!

Oh and I will be announcing the winner of our ribbon pack in the next Newsetter due out soon so make sure you have read your's carefully to see how to enter!

Snow that has fallen off the roof, my poor herb tub :(

Like my new fabric?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sugar & Spice and all things nice.....

The most adorable little dolls I have ever seen!
Do you know when you get your fabric it is always better that the picture? Well wait until you see these!
If you are wanting to get your daughter into sewing or just looking for a perfect gift then these are perfect!

Meet Mimi, Molly, Daisy & Ginger... and Freddie - the Sweetie Petites.

Sweetie Petites doll kits contain all you need to make a Sweetie and their little friend: printed fabric panels, stuffing, ribbon loops and sewing instructions. Each one has her name printed on the back and a little note for their new owner.

 "Won't you join Bear and me for a tea party? I'll get the cupcakes and cookies and you spread out the blanket under the big tree in the garden, Come on let's sit dow, Do you take milk? butterfly kisses x Molly"

The Sweeties can be sewn by hand or machine and are an ideal project for a beginner, or for an adult to make with a child.

Your finished Sweetie will measure about 15 to 17 cm tall (about 6 to 6.7 inches).
The design of these little cute little dolls has been influenced by vintage and Japanese kawaii styles. They appeal to all ages, from toddlers to pre-teens and even adults who like to collect fun and quirky things.

Click on any of the below pictures to go to our website to order