Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

Get your twirl on!
I have left this tutorial (seen left )open on my pc all week long not to just share it here but because I am longing to make it! If I had a little girl she would be wearing it already I bet!

Why do I love it?
1. It sets a bit of a challenge with those pleats!
2. It uses plain cottons! I am tempted to try it in a         print but the plains looks so good!
3. Plain cottons are really well priced at just $4 a half meter making this a very affordable project!

The tutorial can be found here on Sew Kate Sew's blog and it is guest posted by Jess from Craftiness is not Optional

My second favourite has been this one from Moda. Oh my gosh wearable bunting who would have thought! I wonder if this would work for an Adult size skirt! What do you reckon? ;)

This tutorial can be found here and is made by Ellen Baker from The Long Thread

And last but by no means least the Twirly Skirt! Cannot post a skirt link party without a twirly one! I love the colours in this skirt and that the casing at the top is in a co-ordinate, making it a feature rather than trying to hide it!

This tutorial can be found here from Erin Harris and this is her blog House on Hill Road . You have got to read her About me page! ♥ it!

If anyone beats me to that pleat skirt and pops a photo up on Facebook, I will send you 2 colours of homespun 1/2 meter each!

Please note the images in this post belong to the owners of the tutorials and blogs, please do not copy them without their permission. 

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

Chalk cloth

What is it? Chalkcloth is a vinyl that is just like a chalk board - meaning you can write on it with chalk, wipe it clean over and over again!

We sell chalk cloth in two sizes small (24cm x 50cm) and Large which is 50cm x 120cm. We sell it like this because of the postage costs really. Chalk cloth has to be handled carefully as if it is folded it will leave a permanent crease and be ruined.

Do you need any special equipment to sew it? Chalk cloth is a vinyl, so it is quite slippery. If you have a walking foot this is useful but not essential. I have used my regular sewing foot and needle with no issue.

What can I make with it?
1. My favourite by far, these gorgeous Chalkboard embroidery hoops!

Tutorial can be found here from Linda at  burlap + blue  

2. A perfect way to use up sraps of fabric & chalk cloth  the Mini Message Bunting & Eraser tutorial

Tutorial can be found here from Sara at The Split stitch

3. Starting to make appearances everywhere is the Chalk Mat, but I like these ones as they are oilcloth ones. We have lots of new laminated fabrics coming in, including the Birds in Spring by Robert Kaufman.

Tutorial can be found here from Jessica and Little Pumpkin Grace

4. Going to a party? Make a personal gift tag for your present that can be reused! 

Tutorial from Susan over at Momtastic

5. The chalk cloth cushion, be creative as you wan to be with this tutorial!

Kathy from Merrimentdesign's tutorial can be found here

Our chalkcloth can be found here, happy sewing & crafting!