Thursday, July 28, 2011

Love at first Sigh.....

Today I got a sewers dream book delivered. The Riley Blake 2011 Catalog! I can understand why they made the cover green..... as it will be the envy of most! 

Filled with the rest of this years amazing designs!!! A few sneak peaks for you! 

I think I have entered Fabric Heaven! 

Lost & Found

A brand new line we have just got in and I am in ♥ once again! Most of the Riley Blake designs we get in are aimed at the kiddos but this one is certainly not and what could be better than it being in our very own Cantabrian Red & Black?

So if I ever had a CHCH quilt made it would have to be in this range! 

The designs in this range are just timeless & beautiful! Backed onto a slightly off white the red & black just speak of a sophistication that is just sew pretty! 




Click on any of the pictures to take you to the range online

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mollie Makes

Is there anything about this magazine cover that would not make you squeel?

Well if you have not heard of Mollie Makes then you are missing out! Check out the awesome video below, filmed in the beautiful location of Bath, UK where we spent many a holiday!

Why do we love Mollie makes? Because it is inspiring! The video depicts something inside each of us that we are longing for! A group of your best mates over for a cuppa and an afternoon of sharing your craft, learning new things, creating something beautiful together!

It oozes with fresh chic ideas and add's that sophistication to your favorite craft! Mollie Makes focuses on these main issues:


Watch this video and you will be hooked!

Finally a fashion magazine for crafters! This mag will keep you up to date of all the latest trends, fabrics and crafts!


I am super pleased that we are able to offer these magazines in our shop! The first issue will be a pre order for the September copy of the magazine, the older issues have sold out (as could be expected!) from the distributor.

Click here to pre order your copy! We have a maximum of 10 copies available at the moment

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who are we foolin?

So who are we fooling? Why does Sew Pretty exist? Is it just to tempt you to buy gorgeous fabrics? I have been asked the following question so much lately that I thought it would be worth sharing with you. So how did this all start? Was this something you had done before?

Princess Rose - Fit for more than a Princess!

Some of you may be aware but I aint an expert sewer, I started sewing just over 2 years ago and I fell in ♥! Fabric is a fashion in itself, it comes in and goes out very quickly, changing with the seasons. So staying ahead is hard work! Why on earth should our lovely kiwi sewers not be able to get the range & choice the rest of the world gets? - Sew Pretty was born....

So now you know a bit of the story and my greatest passion with this business is to get people sewing, to discover that hidden talent and joy of accomplishing something beautiful! (And of course I have lots and lots more goals but more on that later!)

Joe -  decided to try making a bib for her son and is now the founder of the amazing Bibbles - Dribble Bibs

I am pretty happy getting patterns from Books & online, but sometimes you just need something special. You want that item that just has to be perfect! So I have decided to introduce a beautiful range of pre order patterns and to add an extra cherry into the pie, we have negotiated with a book supplier to get some amazing sewing books at great prices and we will be having a BOOK SALE this Sunday and the chance to win a very yummy Sew Pretty pack of fabric, ribbon, felt, and lots more yumminess! 

So I would like to introduce to you Oliver + S with a great range of children's patterns in a funky retro pattern design!

STC Craft Presents: Oliver + S Little Things to Sew, by Liesl Gibson from STC Craft / Melanie Falick Books on Vimeo.

I have uploaded just a few of their patterns and the book, there will be more available next week. 

And just a few selections of our new books which will be on SALE on Sunday 8pm!

I do hope you all have a relaxing weekend and you manage to make an appointment with your sewing machine!

Oh and watch this space for more news! 

Warm Regards
Kirsty & Justin

Sunday, July 10, 2011

From Scrap to Scrumptious!

There is no excuse now! Sew Pretty has just launched a scrap category where you will find all sorts of bargains!

Each scrap pack contains at least 50g or more of co-ordinating fabric scraps. This is equal to just over a FQ (a regular FQ weighs aprox 40g)

And to show you exactly what you can do with a little piece of scrumptiousness I am going to show you how to work with Vliesofix/Bondaweb which we also have in stock!

Right so to start with you will need the following tools: (well at least some of them if you are not as obsessed with scissors as I am!)

Above I have the following

  • A small scrap of fabric
  • A piece of vliesofix/bondaweb which I have cut out using my regular pair of scissors, 
  • a pen/pencil
  • a fabric scissors of some sort either regular or pinking shears

To begin just simply turn your vliesofix onto the paper side (smooth side) and trace your design, I outlined an image but the paper is very light so you can trace out from a book or image online. (Remember if you are using words to reverse them!)

Next with the rough side of the vliesofix face down on the wrong side of your fabric, iron the piece of vliesofix onto the fabric by holding down the iron on the spot for at least 10 seconds.

Next simply cut out your shape using your fabric scissors or pinking shears (if you want less fraying)

Then peel off the paper piece from the wrong side of your fabric and iron onto the desired place on your project. (Again for about 10 seconds) In this case I am making a skirt with a fabric hem and I wanted just something small to add to the top plain fabric.

Next sew around your item if desired. I would recommend this if it is going to be washed or on something that will be rubbed against often. For bunting I normally don't applique around it but for clothes I would recommend doing it.

And that  is that! All done, I have included a picture from Michael & Maisie where she has created a super sweet t-shirt using this method. 



Monday, July 4, 2011

No Girls allowed!

With two little rugrats of my own, and a game of Cowboys & Indians currently going on as I type this, I know how hard it can be to find fun boy prints. So I am always on the lookout for something that can only be called boy, messy, fun & scary!

So I decided to let you see a few of the fabulous designs we have in stock plus a few new items!

Have a look on our website under Themes - Childrens - Boys for a full treat of boy fabrics available!



We also have an awesome new panel , there are only 4 in stock and they are 88cm x 112cm. Perfect to convert into a take along playmat or a great little blanket!
And have a look at this great tutorial I found online for some boys trousers! I cannot wait to make my little boys these with some funky fabrics for the turn ups!