Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snow Pretty Take 2!

So I have my cuppa tea, my laptop, the heater and I am blogging in the newly renovated (but work in progress) Sew Pretty Room.

It is pouring with rain outside, but I managed to find a few pictures for you and this was one of my favourites - pretty pink in amongst the white!

Work is progressing in our new Sew Pretty room -  most of the fabrics are now up on the shelves but will be coming down very soon as we prepare for the Dunkleys Craft show in Christchurch this weekend (Fri 19th - Sun 22nd) and Dunedin the following weekend.

I have just been on their Facebook page and I am drooling over all the lovely things that are going to be there! Including some awesome looking Fudge and Gourmet Food!

Don't forget to print off this coupon to save on your entry.

I will be running a limited stock version of the shop online during the show but any orders will be processed as usual within a day of cleared payment. I look forward to sharing with you many new items we will have in stock after the shows!

Stay warm and keep sewing beautiful!

Oh and I will be announcing the winner of our ribbon pack in the next Newsetter due out soon so make sure you have read your's carefully to see how to enter!

Snow that has fallen off the roof, my poor herb tub :(

Like my new fabric?


  1. Great Fabric! lol good luck with Dunkleys! you will have such a cool time, busy but fun look forward to hearing all about it x Lex

  2. Love the shelves pic that is SO cute!

  3. How did the show go? Hoping to go to the Dunedin one at the weekend.

  4. Hi Liddy, it was fantastic! I had great help and it was so lovely to meet everyone who has been following the blog & FB! Finally I get to see all my amazing customers!
    I have lots of new stuff for Dunedin! That has not had time to make it online! It is all very exciting! Can't wait!

  5. What a cute photo from the children

    Beertje Zonn