Saturday, October 8, 2011

Adornit - All of it!

There are some great designs coming in all the time but this has to be one of my favourites. The lovely ladies from Adornit have created a range of fabrics that have such a unique colour palette with the most intricate  detail is gorgeous

These lasses from Utah, USA are a home grown family run business (woman run for that matter!) and what fantastic work they have done! The business started a while back with their mum Carolee and now all three daughters are fully on board.

The fabric now in great demand but slim supply in the USA has only just arrived in Australia & New Zealand, so as you could only imagine there was no doubt in my mind to get their entire range in! There are 3 different ranges and lots and lots and lots of different colours!
And  hence with over 40 bolts of fabric is has taken a little long to get it all ready for you! 

First off ... Long Live Vintage...

Image courtesy of  Needles and Lemons

Vin-tage "Old enough to be in fashion again"

There are two colour palette's to choose from (as if you could!) one warm and one cool.

First up we have the warm brown & tan palette, filled with burnt orange, berry bursts and cosy browns

then the icy blues & smokey greys of the cool palette

The lovely Denise from Hot 4 Handbags let me share her gorgeous creations using some of these fabrics.


Then if things could not get better ...

Pink Dazzled came along! Just to temp us even further! Gorgeous pale &  hot pinks (who would have thought?) greys and plums all mixed up together reminds me of a summer smoothie.

Once again Debbie shows of how great these colours work together!

Find all the above great fabrics online now
 and next week the last of this range is coming.... here is a sneak peak 

Have a great weekend, happy sewing
Warm Regards

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