Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meet the Gang

Come on over and Meet the Gang, Andover New York's newest fabric line by Marisa for Creative Thursday

Besides from the cutest characters from the gang ( Ruby; Olive; Simone; Sweetie Bear, Lila, Lola and Oscar) it is the rich colours and storybook design that draw me to these fabrics!

I know we have unleashed a inspiring design, when the possibilities of uses are overflowing in my head! So I will release them from in there to you.

My first thought was of a wee jacket with the border print on the outside with the word fabric as the lining. (There is a cute tutorial here http://www.sewastraightline.com/2010/09/josie-jacket.html)

Then I would love to see some cute trousers or capri's in the white flower fabric with the birds as the trim. There is a super simple pattern in the Making Children's Clothes book

The other things I thought of were a sun hat, ipod case (possibly in the border or the above blue print), a bag, a simple quilt, library bag! I will leave the rest of the dreaming up to you. Purchase here

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