Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sun Flowers

So today I have opted to write a rather personal post on Sew Pretty's blog, but I feel it is necessary considering today's remembrance of events in the last year or so.

Sew Pretty went live online at the beginning of September 2010, a few days later we experienced something that would over time become normality but at that point brought terror to our lives and selling fabric online and packing orders did not seem that important any longer!

But we got through that and then of course February came along and 8 more seconds of shaking in Justin's building would have very likely meant that our Family would have not been the same again. Missing a booked swimming lesson would have meant being in the city with my kids. Roadworks meant being on a quite residential road instead of a 80km one.

There are many stories like this and to be honest I struggle with the idea of a day of remembrance and  found myself extra nervous today, moving things aside so we have a clear path to the dining room table; jumping at the sound of the neighbours starting their car. Which is strange after a good long period of non paranoia!

But what caught by attention today is this: The start of a Sunflower, what could be more inspiring that watching flowers which turn their heads to the sun to help them grow? Keep reading :)

This is the pot they are growing in - yes the yoghurt pot that Matthew brought home from from kindy 6 months ago with little sprouting seeds.

Every time I water them I look out the kitchen window at the spot where I would like to plant them but what I cannot believe is that they have stood firm even with very little foundations. Next to it I just noticed today is a picture of Justin and I in Italy many years ago. This was my only broken item from February, however we have not glued it - it somehow is just sticking together. Justin says this is like us, a few cracks showing but we are still together!

So these are my thoughts:

  • Blossom even when it is tough.
  • Turn your head to the one who can give you warmth and sustain you.
  • Use what you have (even if it is very little) to make the best of your situation.

 My thoughts are with all those who are missing a loved one today - even those not effected by the earthquakes.

Noho ora mai rā