Monday, June 4, 2012


This weekend I was privileged to go away with around 40 Bellyful area co-ordinators for a weekend conference in Queenstown. The event was largely sponsored by Jet Star and The Glebe Apartments

What is Bellyful I hear you ask? Well if you are a mum then you will want to hear about it! Bellyful is a non profit organisation that provides meals for new mums or families struggling with illness who don't have a support structure around them.

Many of you will remember those times when you have a newborn and how getting dinner on the table was one of the hardest points in the day! I remember getting meals from friends after Luke was born, it was such a relief to not have to think about cooking on those nights!

Bellyful is run by volunteers at individual branch locations around New Zealand. Each branch is responsible for fundraising in order to purchase the meal ingredients and initial set up items (such a a chest freezer and phonelines) and then a cookathon is held at a local kitchen facility and meals are prepared and frozen. As soon as a call comes in (these are often referred by midwives, Plunket, doctors) a volunteer picks up the frozen meals and delivers it to the recipient.

This weekend we got to understand the processes and vision of Bellyful, hear stories from branches already up and running, get some fantastic advice about public speaking from Pippa Wetzel - Bellyful's Ambassador and witness the art of making a Bellyful Macaroni Cheese by Jacqui Jago from Wellington branch.

Thank you so much to all who were involved in making this possible! If you are interested in becoming involved in any way, cooking, delivery, fundraising or donations, Christchurch needs your help! We need to raise an initial $2000 in order to get Christchurch Bellyful off the ground! There are so many ways to help we need venues for cooking, cake stalls and other fundraising options. We have a Trade Me account where we can sell new things to raise funds for the Christchurch branch. So if you are able to help or would like to make a donation please contact me at or via Sew Pretty.

We also have these fabulous Tea Towels for sale at just $15 each please contact me if you would like one. $5 from each sale goes towards CHCH Bellyful.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time Kirsty. Would love to sit and chat with you sometime about possible fundraising activties for this xx

    1. Thanks Miriam, I would love to hear your input as I feel like I am hitting brick walls at the moment!