Wednesday, August 1, 2012


So I realise it is quite bizarre to own a fabric shop (or quilt store as it is traditionally known) and not really quilt! The passion and drive behind Sew Pretty really is creativity and I believe that had I been addicted to quilting when I started, it would have resulted in a different store so I am pleased to be a L plate quilter.

However now that I have all this gorgeous fabric just staring and me in our 2nd lounge, and so many fantastic customers who keep sharing amazing images of quilts or seeing them first hand, I have slowly started getting into it and yes - it is easier than you think and it is addictive!

Every quilt tells a story, from beginning to end, it has a journey of it's own. Here is the blossom quilts story:

The Idea:
Justin's work colleague is having a baby soon, and it's a girl- the perfect excuse to delve into some of the pretty fabrics that I hardly ever get to use!  

The Design
After making a simple strip quilt, I felt it was time to try something different, and yet still modern. I was doodling through Riley Blakes website and came across this design, so decided it was a go!

The Colours
I love pink but I also know that many don't so I opted for a more purply colours and matched it with some greens. So that this quilt can last quite a while, in fact I think I would still love it as an adult.

The Sewing
I spent 1 evening doing all the cutting (that was after I washed my fabrics). The next evening was piecing it all together, I drew my own interpretation of the quilt design with my fabrics on, this was a life saver in the end instead of having to continually check back!
 I then spent 2 nights sewing the front and back panels and the final night I quilted, made the binding and pieced it all together.  A bit too much to chew in one night so ended up staying up until 3am getting it all done!

 In the end I quite liked this white design, but I think I would opt for a single fabric backing until I have some more experience as lining it all up was a nightmare compared to the simple strip quilt!

Needless to say despite numerous cursing that making this quilt was a bit too much to chew especially at 3am in the morning, the following day I was already dreaming of what colours to put into my next quilt. Addictive - muchly!

These are three of the fabrics I used, the other pieces I do have in stock so just let me know if you would like them!


  1. Love the fabric choice! Looks great- well done you!

    1. Thanks Mrs A - not much on yours but a good start!

  2. gorgeous work Kirsty I love the way the colours work together!

    1. Thanks Miriam! I do love the colours!

  3. Oh I love it looks fantastic and Im glad that you started your business without quilting addiction as you are one of the only places that has fresh and fun fabrics!

  4. Absolutely fantastic. Love it. If you want to do another easy quilt - large blocks - all squares sewn together and it is all in the cutting - split nine patch.

  5. Looks great! I love the fabric combination that you chose. Can't wait to see your next one!