Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sewing for Girls

I woke up this morning to find Jennifer Paganelli's new book "Girls World"  on my kitchen counter. Massive "Squeel" and all thoughts of packing kindy lunches forgotten!

This came with perfect timing as I was up sewing a little girls dress until 1am last night determined to get the idea of a reversible pinafore dress working! (more to come on this later!)

Why do I love sewing books? Well this book cost me $26 from The Book Depository  It comes with 21 patterns inside. That is just $1.23 per pattern. Why would I want to spend $18 on one pattern if I can get a whole book of them?

I am not totally against individual patterns, but if you are new to sewing you will find plenty of inspiration in books like these without risking buying 1 pattern and it not quite working out how you had planned.

This book looks great, I cannot wait to get started! (Even though I have 2 boys! My friends with girls will benefit!) The projects inside include:

4 Dress patterns
2 Aprons
1 Skirt
Headbands, Bags, Quilt, Memory Board, Barrette, Pillows and much more!

The book depository has 25% off this book at the moment, and it has free worldwide delivery. If you don't have a paypal or visa card, just send me an email and I can order one for you.

We are moving house tomorrow, I am SEW excited to be getting my very own Sew Pretty study/room. I see wall to ceiling shelves coming in! So if I am a bit slow on replying to your messages please bear with me until we are settled in!

Oh and do please keep sending pictures in of what you have been working on! It makes my day!

Happy Sewing


  1. That book looks fantastic! I have 3 girls, so this just may go on my wish list! Thanks!

  2. That's such a brilliant idea. I've never bought a sewing BOOK before. Do they come with usual patterns that you can use on your fabric to cut out? Or just diagrams that you can copy and enlarge on yours own?

    Yay for a SewPretty room!!

  3. Sophie, for clothes they are normally included. I have quite a collection of them now so let me know if you are thinking of ordering one and I can check if I have it and give you a review.

    The Girls World one is beautiful, it has a pretty pink envelope on the inside cover with individually folded patterns inside.

  4. Kirsty - you have got me hooked on book depository!! I love it!! the books always seem way cheaper than here in NZ (Shhh!!) and I love free delivery. Needless to say I have purchased quite a few (for myself and birthday books for littlies) and love it.
    Busy sewing a "sent with love by moda" quilt for my beautiful-ist littlist, Fleur. Completed a crayon roll for my big 3.75yo son, and after that another quilt lined up for my darling middle-sized girl (refuses to be called big or little!)
    thanks again, Lisa