Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Autism Speaks

Did you know that more children will be diagnosed with Autism this year than  childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes or pediatric AIDS combined and that 1 person in every 100 has an Autism Spectrum Disorder which affects 40,000 people and families in New Zealand!

So what is Autism?

An Autism Spectrum Disorder is a life-long developmental disability affecting social and communication skills. People with the disability can also have accompanying learning disabilities; but, whatever their general level of intelligence, everyone with the condition shares a difficulty in making sense of the world.

What causes it?

The exact cause or causes is/are still unknown but research shows that genetic factors are important. In many cases Autism Spectrum Disorder may also be associated with various conditions affecting the brain such as, maternal rubella, tuberous sclerosis and encephalitis.

Onset is almost always from birth or before age three, although people with the condition may go through life without being diagnosed - and without receiving help that could help them live more fulfilled lives


Who is affected by it?

"Classic" autism affects four times as many boys as girls; Asperger syndrome affects nine times as many boys as girls. It is found among all races, nationalities and social class.

Can people with Autism Spectrum Disorders be helped?

Yes! Although it is a life long disability there are ways of helping especially if a child is diagnosed early

Recognizing the disorder

Features of the disorder can vary widely from one person to another; there is no single feature that defines either Autism or Asperger syndrome.
For example, a child with an autism spectrum disorder may make eye contact, speak with perfect grammar or put an arm around another child who is crying. Occasional behaviour such as this doesn't exclude an autism spectrum disorder; it's the overall pattern that's relevant, not the intermittent flashes of "normality".
The degree to which people with an autism spectrum disorder are affected varies, but all those affected have impairments in social interaction, social communication and imagination. This is known as the "triad of impairments".

Pieces of Hope

Pieces of Hope was inspired by a child with autism, whose family are employees of Riley Blake Designs.  Autism Speaks and Riley Blake Designs thank you for your support, which provides hope for all those affected by autism.
To help increase autism awareness and fund more research to help find a cure, Riley Blake Designs will donate a significant portion to Autism Speaks from the sales of this exciting new fabric collection, Pieces of Hope.

And it does not stop there! We here at Sew Pretty are donating 60cents from each FQ sold to Autism NZ.

The range is available here in both Fat Quarters, Meters and Bundles.

Information has been obtained from Autism New Zealands Website

and from Riley Blake Designs website:


  1. Good for you Kirsty I love your generous heart!

  2. I'm going to let my friends with children on the spectrum know.
    Yeah for generous kind giving people xxx

  3. That's wonderful news, thanks Kirsty! Autism NZ has been a big help to us with our youngest offering support in liasing with school and also their holiday programmes are fantastic! I might have to get some fabric in a fortnight when we get paid again.

  4. Good on you kirsty (and so so excited to hear about the shop, coffee and craft-yahoo!) x