Saturday, June 11, 2011

Late night scrap heap challenge

Ok so father's day is looming in the rest of the world and with my parents living in South Africa, it means anything posted needs to be light, but an even greater challenge is finding a present for a guy let alone sewing one!

Here is my solution, I was limited with my fabric choice, (which sounds strange, but I was using "my" scraps!) And this was a late night challenge, so if the pic's look a bit dark you know why!

This is a glasses/sunglasses case:
These are super quick to make and you only need 2 small squares of fabric & some ribbon to make them!

♥ Cut out 2 squares 23cm x23cm (9"x9") of co-ordinating fabric, or if you are going to use the same fabric    inside & out (as I did with the blue stripes) cut out a 23cm x 46cm rectangle and fold in half to get your square. (Just a note, I preferred the overall finish of the 2 squares as the holes for the drawstring are sealed off better)

♥Also cut out a 23x23cm sqaure of interfacing. Which is now in stock at Sew Pretty! Place inside your rectangle or on top of your 2 squares (which should be facing each other with right sides in)

♥Iron baby iron! I am starting to miss having the ironing board in my sewing room!
♥ [For 2 squares only] Pin & stitch around your square leaving a small gap. Turn it the right way out.(always always pin! it makes for a much better finished product!)

♥Now fold over a small piece (about 1.5cm) from the front to the back. (This is going to make the pouch for the drawstring. (I used the end with the open edge from turning as my top)
♥Pin and stitch as close the bottom/edge, the closer you can go the more comfy your pouch will be to get your drawstring through. Make sure you use a co-ordinating thread as it will show on the outside of your wallet.

♥Once that is done, fold your square in half ( by halving the drawstring pouch you just made) and with right sides together (outside pieces). Pin and sew down the sides and just over the start of the drawstring pouch

♥ Fold the right way out, you can see how nice and sturdy these are which is great to keep those sunglasses a bit safer! 

♥ Finally using a safety pin attached to your ribbon/string thread it through the holes in the top of the wallet, tie  knots in the ends and you are done! Presto! Present sorted! 

Happy Fathers day Dad! (And mom you can see there is one made up for you twhoo!) 

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