Friday, June 17, 2011

Oooh my Ooshka!

They are here and I am in ♥!

It did not take me long to decide to get these gorgeous doll patterns in! If you are not a Russian doll fan already then just a quick glance at these lovelies will have you hooked!

The appeal of little stackable Matryoshka dolls easily meets it's match with a perfect assignment for those itty bitty scraps you have been saving for a "special" project! Although they could easily deserve their own fabric! Now the hardest choice will be choosing which doll you would like!

There are 4 face options, Dark hair with blue eyes (a stunning contrast)! Dark hair with brown eyes and wee freckles, the ever so sweet blondie and then the stunning ginger with a headband of sweet daisies.

The kit comes with easy to follow instructions and pattern pieces and the face panel. Additional face panels (if you cannot make up your mind like me!) are available to purchase.

The dolls measure 41cm high when complete. For those of you with girls well birthday presents, Christmas or just because is the perfect excuse! For those of you without (moi!) I fancy stuffing a few peas inside and using one as my "Sew Pretty Room" door stopper! 

And we are not forgetting the boys! Place your pre order for the Ooshka Boy now! (just click on the picture!)

Happy Sewing everyone! P.S. Thank you for all the well wishes for the latest shakes! Life is always exciting down here in CHCH! I do appreciate your thoughts and I also appreciate your support of me as a mumtrepeneur 

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