Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bellyful Raffle - Ginger Pye

Today we talk to the two masterminds behind Ginger Pye Reusable Sandwich Wraps 

Q: Tell us all about you, where you are based & your favourite things!

A:  We are big sister Nicola Pye (creative genius/slave labour/photographer) and little sister Julia Hollis-Pye (the entire marketing, administration and accounts departments as well as our webmaster).  We grew up in Adelaide and Auckland (mostly), and now live in lovely Dunedin.  Nicola has two big kids (8 and 13) and Julia has two little kids (1 and 4), and we started Ginger Pye because being stay-at-home-mums meant we weren't quite busy enough (just joking!!).  We've set ourselves the tiny goal of wrapping the entire world in Ginger Pye reusable sandwich wraps - still have a little way to go though :-)  Favourite things probably involve anything lazy - sleeping, watching good movies, coffee or a glass of wine with friends...


Q: How did Ginger Pye come about?
A: Nicola had made a few sandwich wraps for her family and friends who seemed to really like them, but not being particularly business inclined, she didn't take it further.  Julia was a bit more foresightful and saw that there was a definite market out there for sandwich wraps, so took our first order from her daughter's kindy, and we went from there...

Q: Your favourite parts about what you do?
A:Our favourite parts are probably getting great feedback from happy customers, and buying stacks of beautiful new fabrics.  We also love the freedom to set our own hours, and work around our home lives, with no bosses except for our bossy selves!

Q: Your experiences as a mum?
A:Working from home is great as a mum, as it means that you can fit things in around your children's needs.  Nicola is home educating her kids, and Julia has a baby that just doesn't like to sleep, so we squeeze things in as we can - it's busy, but somehow it all works!

Q: If you had one superpower what would it be and why?
A: How about being able to exist without sleep - it would be fantastic to have an extra few hours in the day sometimes, without wasting it on sleep :-)

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