Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Organic - Banishing the Beige

Organic cotton in full colour is here! This line of green fabric is organic, sustainable and uses low-impact dyes but I am keen to find out more...

Most people understand "organic" on the agricultural level (produced without harmful pesticides & insecticides) but do you know that in order to be considered organic cotton cloth, there are strict rules about what can and cannot be used during the manufacturing process (

Organic cotton fabric is processed, woven/printer or dyed and finished using low-impact methods that are healthier for the earth, your home and your family.

 Anne Kelle is one of my favorite designers for children's cottons, she just seems to understand what childhood is all about! This set was inspired by her nephew and in honor of her Dad who is a Aviation enthusiast!

So if you passionate about saving our planet & creating high quality handmade items then these are the prints for you! Sew Pretty has been able to source this batch of Organic fabrics at a great price and so we can pass that onto our fabulous customers for just $5.25 per FQ (46cm x 56cm)
Find them here: Sew Pretty Organic Cotton


  1. Hi! LOVE this stuff - is it likely to come out in girly patterns too?

  2. Hi! Yes the girly patterns are under design! So watch this space!