Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bellyful Raffle - Little Old Nags

The hobby horses from Little Old Nags just capture that part of you that remembers being a child, the pretend play and the absolute joy of being a kid. They are so eye catching it makes you want to get one even if you don't have children! Sarah has kindly donated your choice of hobby horse for our Bellyful raffle! Lets go behind the stables.... 

Q: Tell us all about you, where you are based and your favourite things:
A: I'm Sarah, busy stay at home Mama to two sensationally gorgeous little rugrats (almost 3yo and 8mo) who fill my day with more beautiful things than I could ever have dreamed of and dedicated wifey to the amazing Mark. I am also an Occupational Therapist, from a pre-parenthood lifetime. I'm a part-time artist, a part-time crafty nut, and a country hearted girl. 

Q: How did Little Old Nags get started then?
A:Little Old Nags beginning was simple but pretty accidental and just 6 months ago. My 2 year old was riding around the house on a stick pretending to be a cowboy. I thought heck why not get out the sewing machine and make him an old fashioned hobby horse. A few friends commented, so I made some more. My husband told me to advertise them to see what would happen.... 60 orders in 6 weeks later and an unintentional business was born :). It has been a fantastic ride so far. I love that such love and joy is still out there for a fabulous traditional toy.

Q: The best part about what you do?
A: I love that I am able to channel my uncontrollable urge to 'make stuff', in a small way bring enjoyment to a child's life, and best of all - stay a SAHM

Q:Tell us your experiences at being a mum
A:It's indescribable. I often find it impossible to find words to explain the joy, the pain, the memories, the challenges, the laughter, the tears, but most overwhelming - the love. My children have enriched and completed me. For as long as I can remember all I ever wanted to be was a Mama. My children are two very different souls who bring very different things to our family and adore each other already. I worry about being able to give them both everything they need to grow but most of all I try to remember to relax and enjoy each day, not to sweat the small stuff, and to make traditions and memories.

Q: And lastly your ultimate superpower?
A: Oooooo that's a hard one. Maybe to make time stand still once in a while. Just to take a deep breath and inhale in all the little things that in our busy lives too often pass us by.

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