Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bellyful Raffle - Smylee Photography

When your name is Smylee, you received your first camera at 9 and you have a passion for photography you can understand why Smylee is so good at what she does! Smylee Photography have generously donated a photography session worth $125 to the Bellyful Raffle. This includes a 1 hour photo session for up to 5 people and includes 5 edited photo's on a CD. So lets find out about the lady behind that lens!

Q:Tell us all about you, where you come from and your favourite things!
A: I am Smylee, and yes that is my real name.I have very creative parents. I am from a small town called Thoothukudy down in South India, but now I call New Zealand my home. I enjoy travelling, adventure sports, yoga, photography and nature

Q: How did your business idea start?
A: Photography is a passion to me. Given my first camera when I was 9, I spent every vacation since then taking a million photos of people, nature and more, which helped building my creative side. Later I studied photography as a part of my University curriculum, this helped me understand the technical side of it too.
I specialize in baby/children photography. As a Mother to a gorgeous two year old girl, I have come to realize that children grow up in a blink of an eye. and that it is very important to capture the present. And hence the formation of 
Smylee Photography!

Q: The best part about what you do
A: Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.- Confucius" .
 I enjoy and love every bit of being a photographer. Capturing those special moments and knowing that it will be treasured forever is such a delight!

Q: Your experiences as a mum:
A:After quite a disappointed day, I lay down in the bed wearily. And my little girl crawls onto me and touches my face with her palm and starts to smilingly babble. This is one of those moments I describe as the Delights of Motherhood. As demanding as it gets, being a mother makes you look at things in a complete new perspective. The enormous and endless love, care and patience, that I didn't really knew existed within me. And so well, I have come to realize that all the late-nights, tantrums and crying are so much worth putting up with!

Q: If you had one superpower what would it be?
A:I am so tempted to choose mind-reading but I am pretty certain that it might yield regretful consequences. So I will settle for the ability to time-travel. Why because, it would be interesting to see the past and know the future.

Check out Smylees website here:
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Purchase your $2 raffle ticket here and support a great cause!

This prize is for Auckland only, so we will do an Auckland name draw first so that if anyone is drawn who is not from Auckland they will go back into the draw for the other prizes. 

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