Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet Nothings Zoe Pearn

This is the lovely lady who brought us All Star, All Star 2, Quite Contrary, Summer Song and now Sweet Nothings.

Looking around her website it just oozes with yumminess, that makes me want to get out my card making supplies and get going. You can only imagine the thrill of opening up a package of her new fabric!

Zoe is Australian and lives in Brisbane with her husband, little boy Joshua and new daughter Lola. Designing is her dream job, escape, her passion and like so many of the mum's we have interviewed this week she feels so lucky to be able to do what she loves for a living! She has had some tough times though loosing their home in the floods...

I have put an excerpt  taken from the John Paul College website who are helping rebuild their home for them below this post.




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Meet the Pearns...
Zoe and Martin lost their home and most of their possessions in the floods on Wednesday 12 January 2011.  The water came to a foot below the ceilings.  After days of inundation, isolation and grief, the Pearn family returned to their ruined home at Bellbowrie, in one of the hardest hit streets in Brisbane.  
In the days following the flood, a large rubbish tip grew in Lions Park at the end of their street, where army trucks dumped load after load of sodden furniture and household goods.  In the weeks to follow, their home was stripped bare, removing the mud-soaked plasterboard and brand new kitchen, installed just weeks earlier.  
The Pearn family loved their home.  It was modest, but it was all that they could afford at the time.  They love the area and planned to be there for as long as the kids were at home.  Zoe started her own business after she lost her job, and for the first two years she worked almost 18 hours a day to afford to put food on the table while combating interest rate rises.  They had done what they could afford to do to the house - painting the exterior and interior of the house just one week before the arrival of their daughter, and installing a brand new kitchen and fridge.
“Unfortunately we have had to see our home, all of our hard work and our dreams be washed away with the floods.  Regardless of what has happened, it is still our home.  It may literally only be four walls and a roof at the moment, but we still plan to make our life there, nothing has changed in that respect.” - Zoe Pearn 
The Pearn family do not have flood cover as part of their insurance policy, and are now in a position where they cannot afford to rebuild their home.  They currently share a bed with their two children in Zoe’s father’s home and look forward to the day they can bring Josh and Lola back home. 
“Our little boy keeps asking to go home, and all we can tell him is that the house has been broken by all the water. He had just started to enjoy going to his Kindy and he misses his little friends. Both of us want nothing more than to be able to give our kids their home and some normality back.”
The past month has been an emotional rollercoaster for Zoe and Martin and it is hard to put what they have experienced into words.  Zoe blogged the horrors of being inundated, their evacuation, and the amazing community response to the disaster after such tragedy and heartbreak
Read more on Zoe's blog

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