Sunday, July 10, 2011

From Scrap to Scrumptious!

There is no excuse now! Sew Pretty has just launched a scrap category where you will find all sorts of bargains!

Each scrap pack contains at least 50g or more of co-ordinating fabric scraps. This is equal to just over a FQ (a regular FQ weighs aprox 40g)

And to show you exactly what you can do with a little piece of scrumptiousness I am going to show you how to work with Vliesofix/Bondaweb which we also have in stock!

Right so to start with you will need the following tools: (well at least some of them if you are not as obsessed with scissors as I am!)

Above I have the following

  • A small scrap of fabric
  • A piece of vliesofix/bondaweb which I have cut out using my regular pair of scissors, 
  • a pen/pencil
  • a fabric scissors of some sort either regular or pinking shears

To begin just simply turn your vliesofix onto the paper side (smooth side) and trace your design, I outlined an image but the paper is very light so you can trace out from a book or image online. (Remember if you are using words to reverse them!)

Next with the rough side of the vliesofix face down on the wrong side of your fabric, iron the piece of vliesofix onto the fabric by holding down the iron on the spot for at least 10 seconds.

Next simply cut out your shape using your fabric scissors or pinking shears (if you want less fraying)

Then peel off the paper piece from the wrong side of your fabric and iron onto the desired place on your project. (Again for about 10 seconds) In this case I am making a skirt with a fabric hem and I wanted just something small to add to the top plain fabric.

Next sew around your item if desired. I would recommend this if it is going to be washed or on something that will be rubbed against often. For bunting I normally don't applique around it but for clothes I would recommend doing it.

And that  is that! All done, I have included a picture from Michael & Maisie where she has created a super sweet t-shirt using this method. 



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