Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mollie Makes

Is there anything about this magazine cover that would not make you squeel?

Well if you have not heard of Mollie Makes then you are missing out! Check out the awesome video below, filmed in the beautiful location of Bath, UK where we spent many a holiday!

Why do we love Mollie makes? Because it is inspiring! The video depicts something inside each of us that we are longing for! A group of your best mates over for a cuppa and an afternoon of sharing your craft, learning new things, creating something beautiful together!

It oozes with fresh chic ideas and add's that sophistication to your favorite craft! Mollie Makes focuses on these main issues:


Watch this video and you will be hooked!

Finally a fashion magazine for crafters! This mag will keep you up to date of all the latest trends, fabrics and crafts!


I am super pleased that we are able to offer these magazines in our shop! The first issue will be a pre order for the September copy of the magazine, the older issues have sold out (as could be expected!) from the distributor.

Click here to pre order your copy! We have a maximum of 10 copies available at the moment


  1. Oh that vid is SO cute. Deb will be VERY excited to know you have these in store last month she was appealing to all her UK buddies to send her one! We need to get those crafty mornings happening here!

  2. LOL! Poor Deb! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to start a group like that! Especially if you are coming with all your inspirations and new ideas! xx