Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who are we foolin?

So who are we fooling? Why does Sew Pretty exist? Is it just to tempt you to buy gorgeous fabrics? I have been asked the following question so much lately that I thought it would be worth sharing with you. So how did this all start? Was this something you had done before?

Princess Rose - Fit for more than a Princess!

Some of you may be aware but I aint an expert sewer, I started sewing just over 2 years ago and I fell in ♥! Fabric is a fashion in itself, it comes in and goes out very quickly, changing with the seasons. So staying ahead is hard work! Why on earth should our lovely kiwi sewers not be able to get the range & choice the rest of the world gets? - Sew Pretty was born....

So now you know a bit of the story and my greatest passion with this business is to get people sewing, to discover that hidden talent and joy of accomplishing something beautiful! (And of course I have lots and lots more goals but more on that later!)

Joe -  decided to try making a bib for her son and is now the founder of the amazing Bibbles - Dribble Bibs

I am pretty happy getting patterns from Books & online, but sometimes you just need something special. You want that item that just has to be perfect! So I have decided to introduce a beautiful range of pre order patterns and to add an extra cherry into the pie, we have negotiated with a book supplier to get some amazing sewing books at great prices and we will be having a BOOK SALE this Sunday and the chance to win a very yummy Sew Pretty pack of fabric, ribbon, felt, and lots more yumminess! 

So I would like to introduce to you Oliver + S with a great range of children's patterns in a funky retro pattern design!

STC Craft Presents: Oliver + S Little Things to Sew, by Liesl Gibson from STC Craft / Melanie Falick Books on Vimeo.

I have uploaded just a few of their patterns and the book, there will be more available next week. 

And just a few selections of our new books which will be on SALE on Sunday 8pm!

I do hope you all have a relaxing weekend and you manage to make an appointment with your sewing machine!

Oh and watch this space for more news! 

Warm Regards
Kirsty & Justin

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  1. THANK YOU for having such an awesome range of fabrics at affordable prices :D