Sunday, July 3, 2011

Food for thought

This week I had the amazing pleasure of getting involved with Bellyful once again. This amazing organization run by volunteers, make & freeze homemade meals for families with new children or those in crisis situations.

The wonderful ladies down in Temuka, had 70 meals that they kindly decided to donate to Christchurch! (Read their story here)

And they decided to ask me to help them distribute the meals in Christchurch. After many phone calls, I finally came across an organisation called Ranui House

Ranui provides families with a home away from home while a loved one is in care at the Christchurch hospital. It is owned and managed by the bone marrow cancer trust. When I called them up they just sounded relieved and overwhelmed at the thoughtfulness of the kind people of Temuka.
Allison (the C.E.O) said that they get families often coming in late at night that have not eaten a good meal and this would be an amazing gift for them.

So Thursday night saw Kim packaging up the meals in Temuka and loading them onto the free freezer truck that was provided by McKenzie Supply Services. However as things go as a mumtreprenuer the following morning did not run as smoothly as I had planned! (Broken laptop, overslept, flat battery & ill child all on the most important day of my week!) Anyhow managed to keep my head above the water and all systems go to the supply yard!

Mmm wish that was all Mallowpuffs!

From the depot to the City! I had not been so close into the city since February and it is a bit of a shocker, a ghost town. I got slightly lost so I got right up to the cordons. However everywhere around the most inner center was buzzing with activity which is really good to see.

These are the lovely ladies from Ranui house, they were overjoyed to see such bounty!    I was parked underground (which is a pretty scary experience in earthquake city especially leaving the boys in the car while we took the meals inside)

A reflective moment:

While we were unpacking the meals, I was wondering on my decision to give these meals to Ranui house just processing through that this was the right organisation. On my way back to the car park, I could hear the kids making a noise, I was mid sentence saying "I'm coming I'm coming" when I realised that the childs voice was not my own. What I saw next made my heart sore and brought tears to my eyes. A little girl, no older than my youngest (2yrs) with no hair getting ready in the car with mum and dad most likely off for treatment. I knew then this was the right decision. I cannot imagine going through something like that and having to deal with aftershocks at the same time.

So thank you once again to Bellyful for their amazing provision. If this is something you would like to get involved in, or if you know of a family in need, conact them here

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  1. That is so awesome. What a beautiful thing to be involved in.